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The Microbiome Report

Sep 5, 2019

Are there tangible health benefits to positive thinking? What’s up with the placebo effect? And can simply thinking about being well lead to real wellness? Our guest today, Sandi Scheinbaum, says yes. 

A licensed clinical psychologist for over 35 years, Sandi founded of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine where she trains health coaches on how to use positive psychology to reverse chronic illness.

On today’s episode, Andrea talks to Sandi about how we can use our thoughts to drive real physiological changes, such as decreasing inflammation and soothing our guts -- and how our thoughts can also turn against us. They also discuss the placebo effect and the common symptoms that Sandi sees from toxic, negative thinking. Sandi also answers one of Andrea’s burning questions: Do positive mantras work if we don’t believe them?

This episode is powered by BIOHM Health.