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The Microbiome Report

Dec 17, 2020

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Since the beginning of COVID, we’ve been asking an important question: how does the widespread use of hand sanitizers and heavy-duty, antimicrobial cleansers impact our individual and collective microbiomes? 

On this episode, science has an answer for us. Andrea is joined by Afif Ghannoum for another “Straight From The Gut” episode where the two riff on the latest research and news surrounding the microbiome.

They discuss: the effect of common household chemicals on the microbiome (4:00); how Roundup and glyphosate are banned in many countries around the world, but not in the US (6:18); when we kill 99.99% of germs – what's left? (7:36); plant based meats (11:34); antibiotic use in babies (15:56); questions to ask at the farmer’s market (19:18); a discussion on grocery store produce (20:25); fructose, fruit and the microbiome (27:17); proper pooping (30:41).

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