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The Microbiome Report

Feb 28, 2019

Dr. Vincent Pedre joins Andrea on this week's show to talk about the differences between functional and conventional medicine -- and how they can work together to heal disease. He also dives into the controversial world of cleanses and explains why certain healthy foods, such as beans, are removed on a cleanse, plus why...

Feb 14, 2019

Season 2 of The Microbiome Report kicks off with BIOHM's Director of Wellness, Aubrey Phelps. Aubrey has arguably seen more gut reports than anyone in the world, so she joins Andrea to talk about the surprising things she's learned while analyzing what's in the guts of normal people. 

On this episode, we discuss what a...

Feb 7, 2019

Meditation and the microbiome? How could those possibly be connected? It turns out that because meditation and mindfulness can reduce stress and inflammation, there's a strong connection with gut health. 

Our guest today is Emily Fletcher, the creator of the Ziva technique and a former meditation skeptic who turned her...