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The Microbiome Report

Jun 13, 2019

We’re so excited to be back with new episodes of The Microbiome Report! To celebrate the re-launch of the show, we wanted to go back to basics with an episode that touches on the root of what the microbiome is and why it’s so important.

On this show, you’ll learn:

  • Common terms used to describe the microbiome (1:44)
  • What is dysbiosis and what affects gut balance? (3:56)
  • The percentage of people who have dysbiosis and how to know if you have it (6:32)
  • What’s “normal” when we’re talking gut health? (9:50)
  • How fat, protein, carbs and sugar impact the microbiome (10:55)
  • Are we born with a microbiome? (15:38)
  • Is there a “gold standard” for the microbiome? (17:23)
  • Critical lifestyle factors - the four “s’s” (18:50)

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