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The Microbiome Report

Dec 5, 2019

Would you buy a food or supplement that promised to do all of this daily

  • Develop antibodies against pathogens you’d been exposed to
  • Change based on the weather 
  • Alter itself to support your current level of wellness 
  • Provide all of the macro and micronutrients you need to survive and thrive
  • Bolster your immune system - for life
  • Support your microbiome and feed beneficial strains

On this show, Dr. Witt talks about how breastmilk shapes the infant microbiome and sets the stage for future gut health. She also dives into how and why breastmilk changes based on the outside world, including whether it's pumped or frozen, and why it’s so difficult to replicate breastmilk in formula. Dr. Witt also offers tips and resources to make the journey easier for mothers struggling with breastfeeding.