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The Microbiome Report

Jan 24, 2019

Eczema, acne, psoriasis, dry skin, athlete’s foot. The list of skin issues seems to be never-ending. But have you ever wondered why you’re afflicted? It’s not bad genes or the wrong skincare products (though those can certainly factor in). Turns out, it might be your microbiome.

Today’s guest, Dr. Trevor Cates (The Spa Doctor), is here to enlighten us on how the microbes on our skin and in our gut play a vital role in our skin’s overall health.

Dr. Cates is the best-selling author of Clean Skin From Within, a guide on how to identify the root causes of skin issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. She’s also the host of her own weekly podcast, The Spa Dr., and the PBS special, Younger Skin From Within.

On this show, she talks about how our skin and gut microbiomes are intricately linked and how it’s nearly impossible to heal the skin without first healing the body.

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