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The Microbiome Report

Dec 6, 2018

In part 1 of our three part series, leading researcher Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum sets the stage for future microbiome discussions on the show. In this first episode, Dr. Ghannoum explains what the microbiome is, where it’s located, and why it’s so critical to our existence.

Here’s what you’ll learn in part 1:

What is the Microbiome? [2:00]

Impacts of Antibiotics [8:08]

The exciting future of personalized medicine [15:31]

What came first? Balance or disease? [21:23]

What are PREbiotics? [23:21]

The microbiome. It dictates so much of how we move through the world – from how we digest our food to the mates we choose as we spin around the globe. On this show, we’re investigating how the things we do everyday impacts the bugs of our bodies.

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